Mooshy Daycare a fully licenced centre in North Vancouver

North Vancouver Since 1992

Mooshy Daycare has been operating in North Vancouver since 1992, we are a fully licenced family daycare that has been in operation for decades. Our experience, attention to details and exceptional care has made us a successful daycare over the years. We ensure that children of all ages receive the appropriate mix of play time, reading, skills development, and rest. We believe that a well balanced day provides children with the opportunity to expand their social developmental skills. At Mooshy Daycare we take pride in providing the best care for all children, this includes but is not limited to our nutrition policy. We pay special attention to children's eating time. Eating is a sensory, a social and learned behaviour. Our goal is to create a pleasant and proper environment in which children can enjoy meal and snack time. We are also a proud member of North Shore Community Resources Society. Please come by and see our facility and judge for yourself.

The following statements are just a few samples from references available upon request:

"Mooshy Daycare is a safe and cheerful environment full of exciting choices. " Dutton-Jones family,

"Azita has been a wonderful influence on Meaghan. She is very kind, gentle, and patient with children and always takes time to explain things to them." Willmer family,

"Azita's care was never less than kind, patient and nuturing. My girls always enjoyed their time at the daycare." Steel family,

"The environment at Mooshy Daycare is always very clean and tidy, all the children seem to be very happy. Azita is very gentle and careful with the children." Gren family,

"Our daughter has been furtunate to go to Mooshy daycare without a doubt. She's been extremly well cared for and has thoroughly enjoyed being with Azita... I must also say that I have tremendous admiration for Azita's patience with the children she cares for, also the guidence she offres to me as a new parent." Taylor family,

"We have been extremely pleased with the care that Zane received. Azita has been highly accommodating in terms of opening hours and has been a valuable resource for answering questions about our sons's health and behaviour." Veerman family,

"I also appreciated Azita's informal reports at the end of the day. She was honest and open about good things that happened during the day as well as small struggles he may have encountered." Ross family,

"Besides being very caring/quality person, Azita was also extremely reliable. We can not recall any situation where she let us down, or was unavailable to care for either of our kids before or even after hours." Nieweler family,

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